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The inevitable accumulation of urine in, on, and around a toilet following a social gathering. Typically found dried the next day, requiring substantial effort to remove.

Also widely distributed around men's restrooms in clubs.
The day after Travis' birthday party, his downstairs bathroom was rendered unusable by the presence of party piss.
by BizzleforShizzle June 26, 2010
A generic term for an individual with less-than-desirable qualities. Can also apply to an individual who has done something directly offensive to another. Usually employed when the name of the individual is not known, and it is typically used with disdain.
I can't believe that Joe Douchebag gave me a speeding ticket the other day. He was totally hating on me because of my out-of-state license plate!

What happened to your shirt?
Joe Douchebag spilled his beer on it after he ran into me near the bar. Asshole.

by BizzleForShizzle March 09, 2009
Referencing a lawsuit concerning Bernard Madoff and allegations of cocaine trafficking, the term 'North Pole' applies to a place where there is abundant cocaine use. This draws attention to the similarities between cocaine and snow and references the fact that the north pole is, obviously, quite a snowy place.
"Hey, man, can I score some blow?"
"Of course! You know it's the North Pole up in this bitch!"
by BizzleforShizzle October 21, 2009

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