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A lightweight, a coward, a shitbag, a big girl's blouse.
if your mate is too scared to do something dangerous, like doing that big surfboard jump, or stay out late cos he has to be home for his bird girlfriend or talk to a girl in a bar, you could call him a "woose".
by Birdy October 08, 2004
Dorkwad- an extremely dorky person
Oh god, here comes John. What a dorkwad!
by Birdy April 15, 2003
Some people believe that Nidhogg is some kind of mythical creature from Norse mythology. Infact Nidhogg is a mythical create from Neocron mythology, the hunter of the Forum, the leader of the pack, who's mighty hammer will crush all that oppose the rules and those that spam!
Spam - Closed - Nidhogg
Keep it in game - Nidhogg
OMG Watch out for Nidhoggs banhammer!
by birdy July 18, 2004
A combination of 'icky' and 'nasty' used in reference to something both disgusting and dirty, especially in a sexual way.
When I realized what he'd meant by 'bugger', my only reaction was a sick look and to say "Ugh, icknast."
by birdy October 27, 2003
the definition of birdy is to be me
a guy or gal whos name is birdy
hey my names birdy im cool
by birdy December 19, 2003
Birdy's word for rofl to make fun of others.
lofl clorf lork
by Birdy March 08, 2004
My lover :>
Me love you long time "Birdy"
by Birdy March 08, 2004

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