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The classiest way to hide your bald genitals; by simply combing your ass hair under your grundle, you can add some fuzz to that bald sack of yours.
Betty would totally had a laughed at my bald sack, I'm so glad Jack showed me how to do the comb under.
by Bip Bip Daniels June 23, 2010
The worst type of diarrhea imaginable. It wants to come out but it's too busy becoming an awful mess on the inner sides of your ass cheeks, and will not let go.
I'd really love to hang out with you tonight, but Grandma's Molasses has been plaguing me all day and it just won't end!
by Bip Bip Daniels May 22, 2010
A sexual act involving two partners (male and/or female), in which an extra, tiny Japanese man is added to the mix. One partner lays on a flat surface while the other grabs the tiny Japanese man by the ankles, and slams him repeatedly onto the other partner, much like laying out a blanket for a picnic.
Sally said she wasn't getting enough excitement in her love life, so I called up my buddy, Ken, and we gave her the old Okinawa Drop.
by Bip Bip Daniels July 18, 2010
1920's slang for the act of using heroine.
My grandma told me that back in the day, her and her girlfriends would rubber hosing behind the bowling alley, and get really fucked up.
by Bip Bip Daniels February 03, 2011
That last piece of poop that just refuses to leave your anus, constantly making you late for important events.
Sorry Boss, I'd of gotten to the meeting sooner but The Last of the Mohicans just wouldn't let go.
by Bip Bip Daniels June 20, 2010
Tomahawk + awesome, a common phrase of radness chanted by Native American youth.
That new album of Cherokee tribal dance songs is pretty tomahawesome!
by Bip Bip Daniels June 15, 2011
When a white person tries to name a famous black person, but names another, radically different black person; and the race-wide shame that follows.
White Person: "I like this song, it sound's like Lionel Richie."

Black Person: "What?! That's Aretha Franklin!"

White Person: "I feel that Honky Shame..."
by Bip Bip Daniels March 17, 2011

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