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Emo is often confused with Emotional Sensitivity, and is more often linked to boys then girls, because of the so very 'unmanly' manner in which an emo boy acts.
Male emotional senstivity is a guy who does not feel the urge to be a macho pea-brained asshole whos only emotion is arrogance and violent anger. A sensitive male realizes that guys can cry, and say the word 'beautiful'. They can also like flowers and admit that there are other guys out there that are hot, and do lots of other 'gay' things while completely content with their heterosexuality.
(an interesting thing about this is that it is quite ok for girls to sit on each other's lap and hug and go to the washroom together etc etc and not be considered homosexual, but if a guy strikes up a random conversation on the bus with another guy, he's a faggot.)

This being said, an EMO (short for emotional) is someone (guy or girl) who has taken the dark, evil, brooding, shadowy and mysterious genre that goes by the name of goth, and mutilated it into a subculture of whiney sniveling teenagers. An emo is someone who dresses very similar to a goth, wearing makeup and black clothes, but is easily defined often by the lopsided swooping haircut that causes them to be half blind all the time.
A goth makes you uncomfortable standing next to them on a long bus ride, and if done right are dark and creepy and cool looking. Take the band Type O Negative, for example.

View Pic: (urbandic seems to add random spaces so check before pasting into browser and remove any you see)
www.geneticdisorder.net/Rock%20On %20Web%20Photos/typeonegative.jpg

Emos most of the time have a look of eternal sorrow pasted on their face, and spend their time whining because life is so tragically devestating and heartwrenching. They cry and snivel and cut themselves to gain attention, as opposed to the noble masochistic origin of the hobby. When you see an emo you will want to puke because of how synthetically pretty and childish they look, and then drop kick them.

Emos have ruined the very normal practice that is talking about emotionally hard times to someone close.

"How are you today?"
'Well, to be honest, I feel really lonely. I sit at home more than I'd like and don't really have
(m)any friends. *shrugs apathetically*'
"zOMG... Don't be so emo..."
'...You asked how I was. I am telling you honestly how I am feeling.'
"EMO. Cry me a river... *emo tear*"

This video will familiarize you instantly to what an emo is, if you are still confused in any way: (again, remove any spaces)
I'm gonna kick the shit out of those whiney emo faggots.
by BioMenace May 12, 2007
A clever combination of rofl, lol, and lmao!!

Football Stud: Fuck! My fiancée left me for a computer nerd!!

Steven Hawking: ...ROFLOLMAO!!
by Biomenace March 11, 2007
To top/top off:

1. To mount, fuck real fuckin hard, pin down and fuck (dominate - S&M), to be the recipient of any of this.

2. To burn, override, shut down or in any way make a fool of someone else. To out-achieve and out-do someone in effort.

3. The icing on the cake, the last straw, the end-all; where something occurs that hits your breaking point and you go fucking bucknutty.
1. Jamal: Shit dude, I fuckin TOPPED that bitch!
Jeffy: Yeah man, she looked like she was walkin funny this morning. But you shoulda seen the cow I got with last night. She was a fuckin PSYCHOBITCH!! *I* got topped off in a bad way that time.
Jamal: Harsh, dude, you are a pussy!

2. Billy: Hey Bosun, I don't like you looking at my girl, Janie, in that regard. Quit it.
Bosun: Fuck, nigga, I look at her that way cuz I was remembering the countless times I blew my cocksnot in her meathanky! *She* was tellin me how much I topped you, and this burn right *here* fuckin tops you, bitch!
Billy: You are just being not serious and an ass.
Janie: No, it's true.

3. My car broke down, I was fired, I got colorectal cancer, my stocks crashed and now I'm bankrupt, my girlfriend choked on some Jamal's cock and died, and to top it all offI HAVE ERECTILE DISFUNCTION SO I CAN'T EVEN SCREW MYSELF TO SLEEP!!
by BioMenace October 24, 2006
The noun causing idiots and retards to think of two girls eating each other's mighty vaginas, when they meet someone professing to be an actor.
Jeffy: Uh, uh, Tina, what are you doing with yourself these days?

Tina: Well, I've taken quite a shine to being a thespian! My roommate Julie turned me on to it!

Jeffy: Well it's good you're not Catholic or Muslim! They really hate that kind of thing, but I'm sure I could help you look for a nice gay bar to hang out in. *nods supportively*

Tina: ...uh...what?!
by BioMenace February 19, 2007
Originated as a colloquialism long long ago, reaffirmed and popularized through references such as the movie Corker with Johhny Knoxville, 'Jeffy' is a literal substitution for retarded.
I need you to buy me a trenchcoat while you are in Russia. In regards to style, you have keen eye for stuff that doesn't look Jeffy right?
What? You want me to work on my wedding day?! That's absolutely fucking Jeffy, dude.
Psst, listen to what I call that kid with Down's Syndrome over there.
"Hey Jeffy!"
He just smiled at me...
Man, you gotta quit drinking; you're acting Jeffy and I'm gonna kick your ass if you keep it up.
by BioMenace November 12, 2006
For any unknowing virgins out there, you fucking leet retards, the girlfriend button is NOT another name for the pause button on your fucking video game controller!!

The girlfriend button, not that you'd ever know, is in fact, another word, for the the clitoris. The clitoris is basically like one of those new fangled garden hoses with a button instead of a knob to turn on the massive flow of liquid. Where in that case you would push the button to water your garden, a clitoris is a button that you would push to water your moustache.

(The vaginal juices have been known to be an excellent fertilizer. In fact, instead of paying out your ass for one of those miracle hair growth formulas for pathetic miserable old fucks, instead, you should simply liberally apply vaginal juices to the affected area.)

Johnny: My girlfriend was feeling rather sluggish this morning. So I primed 'er up by pressing the ol Girlfriend Button. And just like an old car, after a few minutes of diehard trying, she started up with a rumble and a jolt. Terribly bad exhaust as well. Musta been those microwave burritos from 7/11.


by BioMenace January 06, 2007

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