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A fictional drink immortalized in a Flintsones episode. To drink it shows that you're really tough.
Bartender, I'll have rocks over rocks in a dirty glass.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
Inmortalized in a 1977 San Pedros Beach Bums episode. This phrase is uttered by a spick jock who knows no english except for this phrase.
You want to have a beer?
Football, you bet!
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
Ebonics for "very good". Immortalized in an SNL Garrett Morris sketch.
Baseball has been berry, berry good for Chico.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
A hetereosexual woman who hangs out with heterosexual men. Similar to a fag hag as these relationships are not physical as the only purpose of being seen with men is to get an ex-husband jealous.
The woman I was dating turned out to be a hag hag.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
An asshole junior officer. From the character Lieutenant Niedermayer in the Animal House movie.
We fragged that Neidermeyer.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
The word "friend" and when a girlfriend ever utters it you are ultimately dumped.
My girlfriend said the f-word last might.
by Bill the Cat May 10, 2008
When a female you are dating reveals that she's coming back to her husband whom she was separated from.

After three months of dating she dropped the husband bomb.
by Bill the Cat May 09, 2008
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