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68 definitions by Bill the Cat

The itch caused by crabs.
That whore of a sheep gave me the scotch fiddle.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
Ther girliest ship in the naval fleet although the Shirley Temple songs refers to a candy store.
Oh aboard The Good Ship Lollipop.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
Ebonics for "very good". Immortalized in an SNL Garrett Morris sketch.
Baseball has been berry, berry good for Chico.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
When a female you are dating reveals that she's coming back to her husband whom she was separated from.

After three months of dating she dropped the husband bomb.
by Bill the Cat May 09, 2008
A merchant with no inventory who orders his merchandise from a third party when dealing with a customer.
The practice of being a drop seller is common on internet auctions sites such as eBay but it's frowned upon by buyers who pay for the item and have to wait for the seller to aquire the item which may not be in stock.
by bill the cat October 28, 2008
To demand something strongly but not being in a position to get it.
Give your girlfriend a diamond ring then you can demand a blow job. But if you give her cubic zirconium then you can only make a strenuous request.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
In the German Nazi SS a Rottenführer was a low ranking corporal. It also translates from German to mean "foreman". In general a rottenführer is a low-ranking bully who makes peoples' lives miserable.
The rottenführer clerk at the DMV made me wait in line for hours.
by Bill the Cat April 30, 2008