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Making contact with members of the opposite sex in hopes of having sex
"Look at Shaun over there skeezin on that ho at the bar."
by BigD July 23, 2003
1. Abbreviation of cunt nugget, what you call someone acting like a douche.

2. Abbreviation for Chicken Nuggets.
"Dude, Lloyd is such a c-nug"

Let's go to McD's and get an order of c-nugs.
by BigD June 15, 2004
Racist remark towards our south of the border buddies. aka Mexicans, Latinos.
I've been on border patrol for over 10 years and those gravel belly fucks just keep trying to sneak into the US.
by BigD December 05, 2003
"Tight" as used in F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'. Drunk.
Last night i got totally fitzfaced on Saphire Martinis in East Egg.
by bigd May 23, 2003
A new type of drug which overrides the senses and abilities of it's users and diverts all their energy into it's useless void
Man, my internet is down and I think about to die without access to my Starcraft account!
by BigD December 08, 2002
Straight up 1337 muthaa! He also has the power of the beaver, not pussy, but beaver. Oh, and he is probably going to be mad when he sees this. THUNDERCATS HO!
the one in my pants!
by BigD January 28, 2005
strong number that is large and doesnt exsit
by bigd August 16, 2003

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