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The act of sexually arousing your lover before you partake in having sex. The fore is derrived from before. Usually the woman initiates it by either giving the man a handjob or a blowjob.
Before having sex Ashley was giving me a hand job then I slowly picked her up and let her do the rest.
by Big-T July 19, 2004
you cant notice the weregay when the clock strikes 12am and a friend of yours becomes extreamly gay. there will be touching, staring, giggling, and more touching. He will not be afraid to put his ass on you or sit closer then normal. T%he look in his eyes can tell you that at this point no women can satisfiy his needs, only a man can.
Vin touching me
is it past 12
oh weregay
by Big-T November 05, 2004
Originally started in Roncalli German as a joke, but then caught on. It is German for "sex bomb". But also is used to describe people like Big-T and Conan O'Brian.
Conan and Big-T are the Sex Bombas.
by Big-T July 29, 2004
A reference to people. Mostly used to generalize women.
All yall Motha Cats best hop 'n' leave before I gets my gat.
by Big-T July 29, 2004
a sweater that can easily fit a whale; ginormous in size must make lots of jokes
Big red sweaterrrrrrrrrr
by Big-T November 06, 2004
a gay bodyguard; one who feel he has to protect the weak and defenceless, the meaning of dman is gay.
dan protecting vin, its bodyguard dman
by Big-T November 06, 2004
loves to glote in activies; when loosing tends to throw hate on ground and storm out; heavy on joke that hurt others; will leave a girl to play video games
Steve won in pool again, you've just been flusternated
by Big-T November 05, 2004
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