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I dont know about the 3-generations-same-bloodline-definition listed here, but nailing 3 different women in a 24 hour period is a trifecta.

caveat, you CANNOT shower between... taking a shower defines a new sexual day and resets the clock.
So I did happy hour with LeAnne. Railed her in the parking lot, then drove to the Cafe to meet my girlfriend. Well, she wasn't there yet, but her sister was. So I railed her in the banquet room. When she finally did show up, we just went home and went at it like spider monkeys. It was the best 7 hours ever.

When I told my roommate Carl, he gave me a high 5 and called it a trifecta. I didn't know there was a name for this. True story. Summer 1992
by Big Pauly Pizzle May 02, 2008
Like a hot carl, but you squeeze her tits together and release forming the batman signal across her chest and tits. Think Rorschach inkblot.

Can also be like the superman, but on her front and the sheet is optional.
This chick was heinous, but she had huge bolt-ons. When she fell asleep, I dropped a hot carl, gave her a batman, and wiped my ass on her curtains. Fuck her!
by Big Pauly Pizzle May 01, 2008
a form of rodeo doggy-style. When riding the starfish, reach over the hip with one hand and hook her front junk while reaching forward with the other and hooking her mouth. With all orifices plugged, scream for help. Friends may or may not come in- but in her confused fight-or-flight reaction, hold on for as long as possible.
When I was giving Molly a dutch boy, Jamie took pictures. Molly hasn't called me since.
by Big Pauly Pizzle April 20, 2008

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