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(Bay Area) adj.weak, not strong, to belong in a garbage can (trash)
You heard the new whoompty whoomp? Yeah nigga, that shit is can!
by Big Kolah March 27, 2005
(Bay Area)n. money, currency, revenue,scrilla,scratch,paper
I gets my scritz. If you ain't in for the scritz, what you in it fo'? I gotta' get my scritz together befo' I can bother wit' that!
by Big Kolah March 27, 2005
(Bay Area) question, Do you understand?, slick talk, must be highly up on game to relateyadameen, get what I'm talkin' 'bout
The hoe had the nerve to tell me she was hungry! I told that bitch she betta' click her heels if she wanna grab a meal, Yunastan me?
by Big Kolah March 27, 2005
(Bay Area)1. v. to prepare for action 2. street slang. usually coined by drug peddlers pushers projected towards drug consumers dope fiends
1. Time to rock n roll! 2. Nigga hurry up and get what you came fo' and scat. Get yo' rock n roll.
by Big Kolah March 28, 2005
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