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Two homeless males that are connected via pubic hair. Sometimes braided, pigtailed, or bejeweled, and it is quite gross.
Guy 1 - "Hey man, did you see those two hobos at the dump? They were ox tied!"

Guy 2 - "Man, if I had a nickel."
by Big Chief Smackahoe May 06, 2009
A drug dealer who exclusively deals mushrooms.
"Man, I haven't tripped in a week, I need to head on over to the fungus juggler."
by Big Chief Smackahoe May 17, 2009
One who has made themselves stupid by use of alcohol.

(Noun version of inebriate)
"Invite anyone you want, but no inebriats. I don't want my house being wrecked."
by Big Chief Smackahoe December 06, 2009
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