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word used to describe the act of when a male is either so tired or so drunk that he falls asleep or passes out with his junk still inside his female counterpart during sex.
I was so trashed last night I fell asleep in my vajamas!
by Big Business October 13, 2007
A human male, usually bar-dwelling, who seems to use the trendiest cologne as a body lotion, and thinks that he is the reason every lady in the place came out on any particular evening. Sometimes known to wear shiny clothing, lip gloss, eyeliner, and enough hair gel to make his head bullet proof. Can also be identified by his Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back" ringtone.
Take a look at these aqua velvas that just walked in! They make me feel like im watching an episode of Growin Up Gotti!
by Big Business February 11, 2007
Term used to define a residence usually owned by an irresponsible person where all types of scoundrels gather or live at some point in their lives. Illegall activities take place under the guise of drunkeness and more often than not are the setting for numerous unreported sexual assaults. Basically a playland exclusively for the morally unconcious.
I'm going to Tom's tonight and see what kind of trouble i can get into at his Crib Zone!
by Big Business October 13, 2007
A rather large male who never turns down a bite to eat, daydreams of food, and actually calls his friends to discuss every possibility of any of that day's meals.
Im not answering this phone call so that Mister Delicious can tell me about all the ways he will make love to a beef sandwich using an insane amount of my anytime minutes
by Big Business February 08, 2007
Phrase used to describe piece of shit technology that is supposed to make one's life easier , however it malfunctions and only causes more strife thus defeating the purpose of it's very creation.
The salesman said my new camera phone was state of the art but it doesnt have a flash, I can't receive pictures, and it's dropping calls everyhwere! This thing is more like state of the ass!!!
by Big Business April 27, 2008
The amount of work ,aside from one's usual tasks, that one must take on due to the fact one's place of employment fell victim to quota hiring.
Guys , I'd love to hit up the buffet for lunch however I have to stick around and pick up the black slack Malcolm left behind.
by Big Business October 13, 2007
The act of sending a picture message, email, or just mailing a polaroid of a large feces expulsion from your body to an unsuspecting friend or enemy. Usually these stool piles are unique in size, shape , or color. Not just your run of the mill dump.
"Look at the size of this turd! It's wider than a can of shaving cream and longer than a cue stick! Where's my camera phone? I'm Brown Eye-ing Tom!"
by Big Business October 18, 2007

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