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To chatter without pause, senseless talk or babble. non stop chatter. noun: one who blathers.
Some hog in the theatre was cozacking through the whole movie!
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006
the art of signing on to a parental chat board originally aimed at upscale urban mommies and engaging in chat arguments with middle american trailer trash over spanking children and Hezzbollah.

pronouniation: you - bee - ing
I've been ubing for three hours everyday and my personal trainer blames this on my five pound weight gain!
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006
verb meaning to love
I heart cupcakes.
I so heart Paul O'Neill.
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006
cash cow a rich and often homely woman who is tolerated for her ability to keep her man ensconced in her world of luxury.
Biff won't break up with Marge until he finds another old hag worth a hundred million; as far as cash cows go, he hit paydirt.
by Biffy Law August 30, 2006
In salute of the famous black and white cookie of the same name,black and white
refers to the perfect comingling of the obedient black nanny and her wealthy white boss.
I interviewed several Irish nannies, but have to admit, what I really crave is the perfect black and white situation.
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006
verb: to stalk or shadow a romantic interest, to spy on a lover, running secret missions on one's love interest.
1 The only reason I marged him was because he was having dinner with an ex flame. 2 I enjoy the thrill of the marge.
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006
One who either resides in the ghetto or exhibits behavior commonly found in the ghetto. Such behaviors include spending 90 percent of net pay on shoes and clothing, proudly carrying fake logo bags, birthing numerous children to multiple fathers and relying on government assistance; often illegally. Often when hoodrats seek work, they troll to Westchester NY where they are hired to work as nannies and housekeepers.
I don't want a hoodrat nanny, I value professional childcare.
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006

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