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An alpha breed of Smarmosaur that specializes in being a jerk who tries to get suave with the ladies, but fails due to him not realizing he is coming off as an idiot.
" See that guy Gavin over there? He's known as the Smarmosaurus Rex, he's the only guy who tries that hard to get suave with all the ladies. He's not very likable since he ends up being insincerely ingratiating.
#smarm #smarmosaur #smarmy #asshole #smarmodon
by Bewnam Ajnin April 20, 2008
Paraphrased from the words of Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content:
The sharpest lightbulb in the box... being the broken one of course.
end paraphrase.
A seemingly flattering compliment that is meant to be explained to the victim after they thank you.
A: You know what? You are the sharpest bulb in the box.
B: Awww, thanks that means a lot, :)
A: The sharpest one being the broken one of course.
B: Hey!
#bulb #false flattery #joke #sharp #insult
by Bewnam Ajnin April 23, 2008
A mental block or barrier of frustration and anxiety that accompanies one's trouble of forgetting a person they like/love. It occurs when the person likes/loves another person, but due to circumstances, cannot ( or isn't likely to) be with him/her, and realizes this. Thus plunging them into a bout of mixed sad feelings, and when the person tries to forget the one they like/love to ease his/her pain, it is nigh impossible.
A:Hey man, you should stop thinking about her, it's just tearing you up from the inside out.
B: I know I should, but I just can't help it, I just can't tear myself away as easy as I thought I could, it's like there is something keeping me from doing it.
A: Ah, that my friend, is called a cupidian wall. You're hopelessly in love and need some help I assume.
#cupid #anxiety #love #hoplessness #unrequited love #wall #block #barrier #situations
by Bewnam Ajnin April 27, 2008
A sixth sense, or an intuitive sense that picks up narcissistic people when they start talking.
A Zimdar can be set off when you meet someone and during conversation you receive the notion that he/she is conceited (i.e. believes everyone else is below them; thinks he/she is always right and noone else is).

My Zimdar goes off whenever I'm in a conversation with Chuck since conversations with him end up with him correcting me on topics I've already researched, or have in-depth knowledge about.
#egotistism detector #invader zim #radar #sixth sense #intuition #jerk radar
by Bewnam Ajnin April 30, 2008
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