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(noun)- necrophiliac, a corpse fucker

" Don't you give me that tone, you filthy little coffin rocker. For the last time, stay out of the graveyard."

by Bess Dreary June 25, 2006
(noun) - a girl or boy who appears attractive at a distance, i.e. - from a block away, but as they get closer, you realize they are actually quite horrific.

Agnes looked hot coming across the quad, but when I got up close and saw her buck teeth and that mule face . . Christ, what a block away!
by Bess Dreary June 25, 2006
(noun) a thin, lipstick lesbian
" Wow, look at those lesboneys congregating on the corner.
I haven't seen that many ribs since Mel's Big Southern Barbeque in Pawhusset last spring. "

"Oh, don't be such a lesboney, none of the girls are going to like you without a little tit on ya."
by Bess Dreary June 25, 2006
Giving your dog up to a farm because he can't function in an urban environment.
" I love the little bastard with all my heart, but I had to farm out little Boo. He couldn't take being cooped in that apartment all the time. Christ, I miss him."
by Bess Dreary July 20, 2006

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