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Southern Barbeque: To double team a girl with one Guy in the mouth, while the other is in either the ass or vagina. While at some point during the orgy you rotate the girl from all fours to her back or vise versa while keeping both penises inserted. Creating the PIG ROAST and having a nice Southern Barbeque… this usually occurs with a Slam Pig – no pun intended.
Guy 1: What the fuck happened last night at the party with my girlfriend?
Asshole 1: nothing I swear… she just wanted to taste a little Southern Barbeque.
Asshole 2: yah we had a little pig roast that’s all.
Guy 1: what the fuck are you talking about?
Asshole 1: like I said nothing, don’t worry about it.
by Dildo Nation May 14, 2007
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