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making a basketball shot all net.
player shoots ball yells "wet ball". He is saying its nothing but net.
by Berto June 20, 2003
1) The act or study of rectum thrashing with a large penis or tool.

2) The stretching of a woman's anal cavity by a well endowed plummer.

3) The term used to describe ass pounding and/or cornholing.

4) The study of hemmoroid re-insertion.
Yo man, I heard that you were studying rectology at my old college, F.U.

Damn Luke, you just schooled that hoe like a professional rectologist!

My friend Berto is a plumber, however as a side job he is a freelance rectologist. He loves cleaning all sorts of pipes.
by Berto February 27, 2006
An extremly good looking women
Check out that Hot Girl.

Look at that pretty women.
by Berto June 20, 2003
gaybob spelled backwards.. used to call someone gay while still being polite.
DUDE! What a bobyag!

by berto September 20, 2005
Michele French says the word "burgler" like this.
"Hey! That guy looks like a burgerler!"
by Berto September 11, 2004
Extremly cool
that shirt is tight "as a beagal"

That shirt is extremly nice.
by Berto June 20, 2003
a mixture between 'FInish' and 'goNNA'
hence the term FINNA
whatchu finna do today cuz?

i'm finna go to the store real quick and get some swishers
by Berto December 13, 2004

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