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Short for vagina, it is used to desensitize the word vagina, simply because a person may feel uncofortable using the actual word vagina.
How does your vaggie feel today?
#vagina #genitalia #bermuda triangle #trapezoid #american pie
by Bergesmurf March 29, 2006
Used to focus on and hold the urine in, when a person or persons must urinate very badly.
I must use my internal penis to contain my urine in before I get home.
Best used when going somewhere in your car, and there is no where to stop to urinate, your internal penis will never fail... trust me
#inside penis #center of control #philly #locust pine #bladder
by Bergesmurf March 29, 2006
The measure of light in a room
The dimiocity of this restaurant is astounding
#dim #light #shade #glow #scope
by bergesmurf April 13, 2006
a measurment of the amount of lighting in a room or given area.
I really like the dimiosity of this restaurant.
#dimness #shadowness #lesser light effect #brightness #darkness
by Bergesmurf March 29, 2006
It's the part of the pubic region via inside the body, which enable the person or persons to hold their urine in when the person or persons have to go to the bathroom really bad.
I must use my internal penis to contain my fluids from exploding out.
Especially useful when in the car going somewhere, and you have to go to the bathroom really bad.
#internal #penis #internal vagie #tubercule control #bladder
by Bergesmurf March 29, 2006
A very boring city it is... It is very quiet and clean though. The roads are very confusing, and it's not very cheap there either. Not only is the real estate mucho expensive, but all other prices such as gas as well. It's a rich mans city,not bad for retirement. Wouldn't want to live there if I were interested in the party scene, or saving money at that. It's not realy near anything either. Thousand Oaks bites!!
I've been lost many a time in thousand oaks, had to spend money on gas which was rediculous; after spending a significant amount of time looking for a gas station. It's not a convenient city.
#thousand #oaks #sucks #simi valley #moorpark
by Bergesmurf March 29, 2006
A term used for masturbation. It sensetizes the word masterbation, when embarrased or shy to use it.
Did you jiga last night.
When was the last time you wanted to jiga
#masturbate #touch #please #arouse #feel
by bergesmurf May 11, 2006
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