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Media parasite whose if her last name wasn't Hilton she'd be a nobody.

Currently in Britain promoting a self-indulged TV show about her and her sheep-like fans trying to be her best friend.
Paris Hilton is only famous because of all the money she scabs off her multi-millionaire father. Without him, she'd be a homeless crackhead.
by Bennisanarchy February 18, 2009
You definately have this if you think 4 foot mexicans are surrounding your house with machine guns.
Guy 1: There are mexicans surrounding my house!

Guy 2: It's just your fucking paranoia... Again!
by Bennisanarchy February 29, 2008
A white powder that when snorted it gives you the extraordinary effect that the more you do the more you'll laugh out of context.
*Bob snorts a line of cocaine*

Justin: Can I borrow your phone? My wife has just been in a car crash

Bob: Really?! HAHAHAHA! Ohhhh man...

*Snorts another line*

Justin: I'm serious dude, she's fighting for her life

Bob: HAHAHAHA! Please stop man, my sides are splitting!
by Bennisanarchy February 19, 2009

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