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This is the proof that violate the second law of thermodynamic. Chuck Thermodynamic can make liquid nitrogen go into an exothermic process at release infinite joules of heat to crush an opponent. Chuck Thermodynamic can only be pulled off by Chuck Norris himself. Chuck Norris can use ice to increase the temperature of the sun. Theoretically, Chuck Norris is consider "the system" who will give off infinite heat to "the surrounding" which, in this case, is the universe. Eventually, the universe will burn up and our existence will be null.
Chem Student: We don't have gas for the bunsen burner.
Chuck Norris: I will punk the ice to some heat with the power of Chuck Thermodynamic!
Chem Studnet: wtf?
(Chuck Norris cause 1E90 Joules of explosion in the Chemistry lab.)
by BenchMax345 February 15, 2008
To think that everything is bulletproof without a single doubt. Lockdown Browser was thought to prevent students from cheating while taking an online test. Powerfully, virtually every individuals who live in the U.S. owns a digital camera. Next, we all can film all the test questions. Although Lockdown browser can be used for Mastering Chemistry, Math Compass, and other shit, IT proudly became gay and manipulate and directed the algorithm to only D2L. To simplify, the term Lockdown Browser can be use for someone who thinks he/she has hope, but his/her hopes always shatter in tragedy.
Emo: I think I'm going to pass Calculus and Spanish with an A. I'm so happy that I'm going to cut my sad long hair.
Balla: Quit being a Lockdown Browser, you failed all your test and expect to pull off an A in those courses? Why don't you get your mom dildo out of your dickhole ya faggot.
Emo (singing): "Cut my wrist and black my eyes."
by BenchMax345 February 07, 2008
Someone who severely procrastinate and loses their amenity of procrastinating; therefore, the heavy procrastinators become pro at crastinating.
David: Mr. Goodger, I'm going to procrastinate on my Trig and Pre-AP Physics test. I'm good at procrastinating.
Mr. Goodger: Be careful David, if you procrastinate too much, you will lose your amenity become a pro at crastinating. In other word, pro-crastinating.
David: Ha! whateva, da crew n i r goin' driftin' at da zoo!
by BenchMax345 March 20, 2008
This word can be used in place of skyrocketing, accelerating, increasing, launching,and, rising.
During the Great Depression, FDR created the New Deal to to provide relief for the unemployed (like your lazy ass mom)thus catapultulating the workforce. Good work FDR...RESPECT.
by BenchMax345 February 24, 2008
An act of bleeding out all your hate, anger, fear, loneliness, jealously, confusion and other negative forms of energy. Bleeding Nightmare is accomplished during your sleep. After falling asleep, 100% of these negative forms of energy disperse and float in the darkness of your room. Your body will have a chance to partially recover from the tragedy of life. These floating evil energy will watch your body recover in the night. 2/5 of the negativity will be release from your body and never return. The moment you open your eyes, roughly 3/5 (floating in your room) of the remaining negative energy return back to your spiritual component. Hence, these evil energy will strike your heart to remind you that reality wants your absolute attention thus giving you no time to love. The universe is an irrational place because we human constantly polluting the universe with roughly 2/5 of our dark energy (daily). Dreaming is reality while "true" reality is a nightmare. The only way of bleeding out all your nightmare is to die in your sleep and never have to face reality ever again.
**At OSU-OKC**
David: I failed my Chemistry, Macroeconomic, Philosophy, and Spanish class. I'm going to sleep.
GDL: Why?
David: I'm going to cause a bleeding nightmare.
GDL: David, you are a successful failure. You work at five down stairs today by the way.
David: I'll bleed as much as possible.

by BenchMax345 February 20, 2008
A fictional event used in a lie to avoid another potential event.
Chick1: Do you want to study hardcore tonight?
Chick2: Awwww, I can't. I'm going Zoo Driftin'. Yeah...the crew and I are going drifting at the zoo.
by BenchMax345 February 29, 2008
This word can be use in place of unstoppable and continuous.
Time is unpausable...only to Chuck Norris.
by BenchMax345 February 29, 2008

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