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A person who can't do a number two in a public restroom if they are not alone.
Scotty came out of the bathroom discouraged and distended because the endless stream of gents using the public toilets meant he couldn't do his business. Scotty is a shy pooper.

Shy poopers live in fear of bowel blockers.
#solo shitter #private pusher #mono mover #bashfully boweled #demure defecator.
by benthered October 20, 2013
A person who either intentionally or inadvertently prevents another person from having a movement.
I can't poop with an audience and I have three kids, two dogs and a wife who don't believe in privacy. My life is full of bowel blockers.
#shit stopper #movement marauder #excrement executioner #fecal failure #shy pooper
by benthered October 20, 2013
Elephant flatulence.
1950's London, 2 well dressed Congolese doctors having a corridor debate in a hospital. Its 'phoom', says one. Its 'phoowm' says the other. Nasal English doctor sidles up, I think you'll find it's 'womb'. Nah, mate, they say. You wouldn't know about elephant flatulence.
#phoowm #phoowmb #elephant #flatulence #smarminess
by BenTheRed September 30, 2005
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