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When u are having a wet dream and the penis is so erect that it props up the groin area of your pants, making a tent that is covered in jizz.
Last night i had a wet dream and my penis made a jizz tent
by Beebix February 26, 2006
To be distracted in awe of a friend or co-worker macking (and being succesful) on someone WAY out of their league.
At the hotel me and the other valets were mackstracted at Josh's fruitful conversation with the attractive Milf in the expensive Lexus.
by beebix June 01, 2006
When u enter and exit a nostril with a tissue (similar to a penis into a vagina) so that it prompts a sneeze (orgasm).
i love nasal masturbation cuz u can do it as many times as u want!
by Beebix March 22, 2006
Masturbating without the use of visual aids such as porn videos or mags. Just by using the good old imagination.
O fuck, the powers out. Gonna have to stale fish it.
by Beebix April 04, 2006
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