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48 definitions by Becca

A goth is someone who hate to be labled. Therefore they would NOT say they are goth. A goth is someone who is very creative and expresses themselves through art and their clothing. A goth can NOT be a prep. A goth CAN be a 12 year old, because a goth is someone who is true to themselves and always act lie themselves...do you have a problem with that?
Prep: You are SUCH a goth.
Goth: Thank you!
by Becca April 09, 2004
Saying.- Or said.- Chatting.
What have you been chattin' about me you bitch?!
by Becca August 16, 2003
to have a tiger, prefferably a white one, ass rape a miggy. person.
The tiger at the zoo ferociously sigmondfreuded miggy, as Becca squealed with glee.
by Becca January 05, 2005
a variation of the word "fucked"
my knee's fucked becuse it's mad fkuced
by becca December 13, 2004
someone you dont like

or a stupid boob
talkin to some 1 you dont like - your a fartkus
by BECCA September 11, 2004
Senator of Planet Poohead: Galactic Sector P
"Oh, that Zlad. He's so great at being part of Planet Poohead's Senate...and such"
by Becca May 08, 2005
someone who smells like boiled vegetables

basically they sucks
you are such a harlan when you sodomize those goats
by becca January 20, 2005