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People who think they are being "cool" or "funny" by doing a certain action or saying a certain thing, but it really comes out to look like they are uneducated morons.
Kissy, The Cool Cat.
by Becca April 20, 2005
Used to be the classroom for the mentally challenged at Gage Middle School and is now used when people make stupid mistakes or act dumb.
You dropped your ipod in the toilet? man.. you're such an 804.
by becca April 10, 2005
I love the black eyed peas. They have talent and are better than that mcfly rubbish.
They deserve more credit. There songs are meaningful.
Ive met the black eyed peas and they are very down to earth people who talk about normal things. Its not all sex and drugs
where is the love
lets get it started
hey mama
shut up
by Becca April 07, 2005
to give or recieve anything anally sexual.
Damn ryan gave me the finest booty call i've had in 3 yrs!
by becca December 19, 2004
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