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The limp, flaccid penis of a drunken man.
After all those shots, Jimbo had a serious case of vodcock when Bobby-Joe went to give him a blowjob.
by beastmaster December 26, 2002
1. Slang for the female sexual organ
2. A deep vagina
3. If she's a skank, its more of a deep pocket or a ravine
1. "Yeah, I'd shove it in her slam pocket."

2. "There's not a lot of foliage around her slam pocket."
by Beastmaster September 17, 2004
A man who can harness the power of Ragnarok, and happens to sweat enormously through his felt clothes. He is so manly that he can bend steel with his eyes.
Bojangles, the original Beastmaster tasked with defending the Shire was responsible for the defeat of Thusla Doom.
by Beastmaster January 06, 2004
See Pulling your pudding
Your moms pussy is all dry so I prefer to shine my dolphin
by Beastmaster May 30, 2003

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