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Clit closet, a mental collection of images for women to masterbate too. The female version of the spank bank.
Jane put the image of Barney Stinson with his shirt off in her clit closet.
by Barry DeBeers January 10, 2014
1. refusing to comply, agree, or give in; obstinate
2. difficult to handle, treat, or overcome
3. persistent and dogged: a stubborn crusade
My dad was as hansler as a mule.
by Barry DeBeers November 15, 2010
A woman's breast being the centre of attention whether intentionally or not.
Suzy had become quite the breastacle around the office lately.
by Barry DeBeers September 16, 2014
A group of mothers that participate in different activities in the name of their children. Once in the Milf Mafia you are family and their is no easy way out.
Jules couldn't wait to have her baby and be accepted in the Milf Mafia.
by Barry DeBeers January 13, 2015

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