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2 definitions by Banterbus

The art of LOL-ing to such an extent that one ejaculates or urinates a small amount in their underwear.
DUDE1: hahahah just saw that clip on failbog I was so ROFL!
DUDE2: hah yeh mate its so funny I had lolstains everwhere
DUDE1: oh.. well thats not cool
DUDE2: I know I'm ashamed - was such a bitch to clean off
by Banterbus October 14, 2009
During intercourse, both intercoursees are smothered in oil, hence enhancing the sexual experience. It is at this point that the male leans upon a lit scented candle, thus engulfing the couple in flames. This often ends in a fulfilling night along with 3rd degree burns.
Man is lying in hospital...

DUDE1: Holy shit dude! you look terrible, what happened??
DUDE2: Tried to pull off The Greasy Fireman.
DUDE1: Ah.. touche
by Banterbus October 16, 2009