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6 definitions by Baltsox

A type of mens dress sock, often associated with afro-american. The sock is composed of a ultra sheer part usually the ankle and above, and the thick(non sheer part) the instep/toes.
Alan wore a pair of black thick n thins to the wedding with a pair of Kenneth Cole loafers.
by Baltsox August 31, 2006
illness with sympotms such as headache, nausa, bad mood, red eyes, all brought on by drinking bottle beer.
Having had 14 beers last night at the party, Ben was now suffering from brown bottle fever.
by baltsox December 30, 2007
A person who sneaks up upon another person and sucks their bare toes.
Brad slide across the floor near Jack's barefeet and right before he licked Jack's toes he shouted, "toe monster".
by Baltsox August 31, 2006
is the act of toe sucking. Each toe is a shirmp and the act is therefor called shrimping. A toe sucker can be called a shrimper
The drunken frat boy would often perform shirmping on his other drunken frat brothers
by Baltsox August 31, 2006
A negaitve term assoicated with the French people or culture.
Those Brie lover's do not want to support the USA once again.
by Baltsox September 02, 2006
The process by which afro-american's influence culture and society with their slang, attitudes, morals, values and jive.
The ghettoization of the internet can be often found when viewing afro-american blogs or chat rooms.

I was in a chat room last nite for Afro-men M4F, and heard about 9 dems,dats and does.
by Baltsox September 02, 2006