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Terminology related to the BDSM lifestyle. A "shrimper" is a person who derives sexual satisfaction from sucking toes.
No example provided for "Shrimper."
by Siegfried Zaga June 01, 2005
someone who sucks sperm out of an asshole usually with a straw
don't you dare call me a shrimper
by chillcat May 30, 2003
A shrimper is when One Person sucks the cum out anothr persons Ass Hole with a Straw.
This Faggot Named James Rhoton Once Gave a Shrimper to a Hobo, for a 40 ounce of Schlits Malt Liquer.
by Big Ol Gay James R. May 26, 2006
A word that pothead brothers make up, the act of skeeting in a girls butt and sucking it out with a straw.
"Dude, your such a shrimper"
by gabi and ashley January 27, 2007
when a guy ejaculates into a female prosterer then a third party drinks the sperm out
here comes the shrimper we ordered
by we we February 14, 2003
After two gay men are done having anal sex, the dealing man will stick a straw in the recievers rear and proceed to suck.
After having sex tonight, I should shrimp you.
by cronic5 July 09, 2005
N. A Person Who Drinks Cum out of black mans chocolate starfish with a straw.
That Nigger's sucha shrimper.
by Sam January 18, 2005
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