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The term that members of the "Crips" gang give their numerous illegitamate spawn.
Tell Snazzy B to wrap his shit yo, we don need no more cripalet muh-fuhs runnin' up 'n dis piece!
by Ballz-Loc April 25, 2007
When a member of the "Crips" gang ceases to act like and African-American thug and tries/wants to be of Latin/Hispanic descent.
Terell: "6 poopin, 5 droopin esse. I from the Crips puta. Que ona cholo?"

Miguel: (To Bystanders) "What a wanabe cripalatin fool."
(To Terell) "Get a life joto."
by Ballz-Loc May 24, 2007
Someone who has been newly initiated into the "Crips" gang.
D'bo just got initiated into the Crips. Let's get buck n' crunk to dat funky c-walk in celebration to his being crippled.

Q: Why's the sky blue?
A: 'Cause the Earth B crippled cuz!
by Ballz-Loc April 25, 2007
A small, usually blue rubber device that functions and looks very similar to a condom but is about 10x smaller. Can be found in many first aid kits to stop the bleeding of lacerated or cut fingers. The cripdom is unrolled like a standard condom over these cuts. Innovative members of California's "Crips" gang have taken to using these devices as condoms for sexual interaction. Cripdoms are easily stolen from the local clinic's first aid stash and fits the gang members much more comfortably than store bought condoms which are usually too large.
BK Killa just got a shipment of cripdoms cuz...bongo party at tha nigga's house tonight fo' sho!
by Ballz-Loc January 27, 2008
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