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When a member of the "Crips" gang ceases to act like and African-American thug and tries/wants to be of Latin/Hispanic descent.
Terell: "6 poopin, 5 droopin esse. I from the Crips puta. Que ona cholo?"

Miguel: (To Bystanders) "What a wanabe cripalatin fool."
(To Terell) "Get a life joto."
by Ballz-Loc May 24, 2007
When a gang member of the Crips forgets who he is and tries to act like he's of Hispanic descent.
Big Trey: "Que pasa cuz, 5 poopin 6 droopin foo chulo."

Miguel: "Homie, where are you from?"

Big Trey: "I be a cripalatin BK g. Comprende esse dawg?"

Miguel: "Get a life joto."
by MstaDobalina April 21, 2007
Crip Word for Whassup? or what's happenin'
Whas cripalatin cuz?
by AC March 13, 2004
used in place of "what's up?" or, "how are you doing, young sir?" Normaly shouted gleefully from one Crip (L.A. area gang, commonly seen in blue or grey) to another. see also Crackalackin.
"what's cripalatin, g?"
by Liz aka Cracker March 19, 2003
Means the same as Whats crackin'.
yo fool, whatz cripalatin'?
by Diego September 22, 2003

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