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In Super Smash Bros, Captain Falcon's Up B maneuver causes him to grasp his opponent and forcefully hump him exploding the humpee into a ball of fire and dealing damage.
Luigi was killed by my Falcon Hump.
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
A directional move used in Super Smash Bros to achieve extra height after a double jump.
Kirby used his Up B to get back onto the level.
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
A term used to represent the severe desire to obtain an item during a battle in any of the Super Smash Bros games. This desire can and does often result in a negative outcome for the lusting player.
Item Lust kills more people than cancer.
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
Based loosely on the economic principle of opportunity cost:
1. It is the act of withholding ones orgasm during masterbation in hopes of finding a better scene/camera angle in the pornographic video you are watching.
2. The difficult decision that must be made during intercourse as to when it is acceptable for a male to finish.
I waited until the end of the film for my opportunity cumpletion.
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
Kirby's down A attack when used to edge guard an oppononent who is attempting to recover. Named so because it seems as though Kirby keeps an extremely dense material in his shoes in order to send enemies downward with such force.
Link was rocketed straight down by the Tungsten Shoe
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
During a game of Super Smash Bros for the N64, a three stock team battle, on the Kirby stage, pitting one individual player against three level nine Jiggly Puffs.
Captian Falcon got his ass beat by The Swarm.
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
Similar to the more common cream pie in which a man ejaculates inside of a woman's vagina. However, this cream pie results in the accidental impregnation of the woman.
Your little brother was the result of a sour cream pie.
by Balls Kolano April 20, 2009
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