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the greatest rappers ever 2 hit the stage
the best out of them...bizzy bone..hes got the smoothest rhymes and speed..as well as the others
by balla December 28, 2004
Best player in College Basketball and will make a GREAT pro!
Rashad dunked on JJ Redick
by Balla March 15, 2005
A person who is a chode/loser
Damn, Dolapo is a chodesta.
by balla August 25, 2003
refer to the word gopa
damn gopa, you dark as hell!
by balla January 10, 2005
the fourth circle of hell
man, you go to high tech high? sorry.
by Balla June 03, 2003
Bitch who likes to suck all guyss balls 24/7
Shrija is a fuck er
by balla July 29, 2003
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