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a person with a protruding, sharp, or crooked tooth. Usually found in the wilderness feasting on household pets.
Shit man, that twin is a fuckin' snaggletooth. I saw her eat a cat and nothing was left but bones. Fur and blood was flying like no other!
by BadDewd April 03, 2003
to be thouroughly screwed in any situation or to copulate in an extremely violent manner.
Man, I didn't study for the test. I'm gonna be thunder fucked!

Mrs. Johnson's gonna thunder fuck me!
by BadDewd August 28, 2003
the annoying computerized voice at the other end of the phone when calling a hotline or helpline; sometimes accompanied with incessant soft rock music like Michael Bolton
That automated voice fucker just told me to go fuck myself!
I needed to know how to program my VCR and all I got was this automated voice fucker! Hoozah!
by BadDewd April 04, 2003
to kick a field goal in Tecmo Super Bowl
Note: It is possible to kick 65 yard field goals (except with Roger Ruzek).
You GOT to post the FG! It's fourth fuckin' down!
Fuad Reviez can post that shit no problem!
by BadDewd April 04, 2003
to repeatedly save your video game progress because of the high difficulty of the game; sometimes it's necessary to save even after you overcome the smallest obstacle
After you defuse that bomb in the underwater level I recommend that you Hudson Hawk that shit.
by BadDewd April 04, 2003
the noise one's load makes when it smacks a magazine or other paper product during self pleasuring
I'll have to turn the radio on or my parents will hear my inside rain!
by BadDewd April 04, 2003

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