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Yet another euphemism for (male) masturbation.
"I buff the musket almost daily."
by BackInBlack60 May 22, 2009
A generalized condition of forgetfulness or short-term memory loss due to old age, similar to, and almost as bad as, Alzheimer's or senile dementia, but without any specific pathology.
Man, by the time I get from my recliner to the other room, I forget what I went there for. Ever since I turned 50, my Oldtimers has really kicked into high gear!
by BackInBlack60 April 21, 2011
The hopeful result of "Retail Therapy"
Her: I was so bored and depressed today I decided to try a little retail therapy!
Him: Well, I hope the purchase pleasure was worth what I'm seeing on this pile of credit card receipts!
by BackInBlack60 July 03, 2010

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