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Extremely deeply-penetrating sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal, oral, etc.), measured by multiplying the length of ones' index finger. (See formula below).

Formula: If your index finger is 3 1/2 inches long, then to go "five deep" would equal 17 1/2 inches of penetration.

Lx5=P where L=Length of index finger and P=Penetration depth
Franco: "Hey, what's your sister up to tonight?"
Jared: "Why do you ask?"
Franco: "I was hoping to go five deep tonight, and she's the only bitch I know who's seasoned enough for that kind of punishment!"
Jared: "I'll kill you".
by Babies August 13, 2006
This sensation is best experienced by using the following method:

For males:
1: Take one long, glass, drink-stirring rod
2: Insert drink-stirring rod into urethra
3: Smash penis repeatedly with mallet, book, fist or other hard object; causing the glass rod to shatter and impale your penis from the inside out.

For females:
1: Take one incandescent lightbulb
2: Insert bulb into vagina, anus, or both
3: Jump off small ledge in such a way that you land straddling a hard wooden structure, causing the lightbulb(s) to shatter inside of your vagina and/or anus.
Dave: "Ready Tom?"
Tom: "I really don't know about this...are you sure it'll make me cum harder than ever?"
Dave: "Yeah, something like that..." (Hits Tom's penis repeatedly with a box of ice cream sandwhiches).

Shelly: "Dave, are you sure this will make me cum for a solid 5 minutes?"
Dave: Yeah, something like that..." (Pushes Shelly off small ledge onto wooden A-frame).
Dave: "I'm a douchebag...I need a new hobby".
by Babies September 13, 2006
1: Sexual: Partaking in a gang bang-style orgy which is strictly limited to anal sex.

2: Non-sexual: Used to describe a situation or emotion that is less than desired, uncomfortable, or generally bad.
Flip: "Hey yo baby, hows about you an' me hook up and get in on the chocolate train?!"
Rhyonda: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Flip: "Anal gang bang, bitch!"

Cop: "Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?"
Aaron: "Was I speeding, officer?"
Cop: "Well I should say so. I clocked you at 103mph in a 55mph zone. That carries a God damned hefty fine, young man".
Aaron: "Anal gang bang..."
Cop: "STEP OUT OF THE CAR WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! There will be NO anal gang bang on my watch, BITCH!"
Aaron: "I love a man in uniform..."
by Babies September 13, 2006
This is what occurrs during the hottest of hot love-making, while each partner is as sweaty and as hot as possible, and is working so hard at getting each other off that they let go of all bodily function and spew fluids and other nasty substances from every opening in their body. This event is usually very loud and always sloppy.
Samuel: (Uneasily) "Oh, hey there, Dad".
Donald: "Hey Sam. You look tired. What's wrong?"
Samuel: "Um, nothing. I...uh, I couldn't get to sleep lastnight...I kept hearing...noises".
Donald: "Hey, Sammy, shut the fuck up. Your mother and I have told you a thousand times that our hot gunk love is something special, and if you can't appreciate it, then get the fuck out of my house".
by Babies September 13, 2006
The act of attracting a member of the opposite sex for reasons based solely on pleasure. More precisely, "bag it" is the act of attracting and taking home, and "tap it" is to engage in sexual intercourse. Usually used by males.
Used below to express agreement on the interest in a females' hind quarters:
"Man, did you see the ass on that girl?"
"Bag it and tap it, dude!"
by Babies May 04, 2006
The act of performing cunnilingus on a female who is particularly larger than average, for example: A fatty, plumper, BBW, or to put it simply; a fat bitch.
Glen: "Man, did you see 'Oral Perversions 53: BBW Edition' on Spice lastnight?"

Doug: "Fuck that shit man, seeing all that chunkylingus makes me wretch!"

Glen: "Don't knock it 'til you try it..."
by Babies August 13, 2006
Used to describe any person, place, situation or object which is not well-liked.
Chairy: "Man Globy, PeeWee is really pissing me off. I think I should eat him next time he sits on me".
Globy: "Yeah Chairy, PeeWee Herman is teh huge suck".

Amidon, North Dakota might as well sink into the face of the earth, as it is teh huge suck.

Ben: "Dude, I lost my car keys in your sister's vagina".
Sheamus: "Man, that's teh huge suck...WAIT, what the fuck? BASTARD!"

Any food product made by Mrs. Freshley's can easily be described as teh huge suck.
by Babies September 13, 2006

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