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Adjective: Fashionable and attractive at the time; markedly new or radical

Alternate usage: sweet mullet
Wow, that car is totally mullet! I saved a lot of money switching to Geico, sweet mullet!
by BBT0101 April 02, 2008
A JFK is getting your head "blown" while driving in a car.

Analogy: Roadhead
Yo Rich, I couldn't answer the phone because Latoya was givin' me some JFK!

Possible cellphone greeting: Sorry I can't answer the phone right now, I am busy getting a JFK. Please leave a message after the load.
by BBT0101 April 02, 2008
After receiving oral sex, a man ejaculates in the eye of the person giving fellatio, then that person has to walk like a mummy to find their bus fare.
After I gave that bitch a mummy, she was stumblin' all the way to the door!
by BBT0101 April 02, 2008

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