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Having big natural boobs
Jamie is really imbreastive. I've seen them myself!
by B Talented July 10, 2008
To add drama to something
”The word therefore dramaticizes sentences.”
by B Talented March 06, 2008
The detail on something, someone, somewhere.
“Greg, did you get the a.o. on that TV show?”
by B Talented January 06, 2008
Someone who is both arrogant and ignorant.
Gloria: ”Hey Jim, do you want to come to get some ice cream.”
Jim: ”No, I’m too good to be seen with a girl like you!”
Gloria: ”Wow, you really are agnorant.”
by B Talented January 06, 2008
When someone looks up their answer on Google and tries to pass it off as their own knowledge.
”After reading Timothy’s report, the teacher knew Timmy had one big Goog Job.”
by B Talented April 09, 2009
Not being necessary.
”It’s not a necessarity to spend money on 98 inch television.”
by B Talented March 06, 2008
an act or instance of discriminating
”Racial discriminization is one of the best things known to man in a long time.”
by B Talented March 06, 2008

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