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2 definitions by B Boy 0N3R 372

The sound you make when giving someone a Lurpy.
The Term and sound, Invented by the CGB Crew, When disciplining "Larry" And "Paul" as well as other fallen mascots.
The "Lurpy" is usually and almost always in conjecture with a hand movement over ones head.
Acting out the motion and movement of a person preforming Oral sex on ones self.
Assisting the heads bob of Oral sex, A Lurpie.

Receaving Oral sex from a female.

The sound is similar to your tongue hitting the lips after making the sound.

***This Defintion is a Trademark Of the Southern Brookyln Crew Know as CGB.***
You and your friends are sitting around chilling, and someone cracks a bad joke.

"Yo, He gets a Lurpie!"
by B Boy 0N3R 372 May 27, 2008
Yipes is the word that replaced such words as Nope, Not, Chill, Etc.
Yipes is usually said in replacement of these and many others words.
Yipes is usually assoiciated with a face, either during or following the spoken form of this word.
The Facial expressions associated with yipes are the Non verbal facenunciations of this word.

***This version of this word is a Southern Brooklyn Slang Dialect, From the neighborhoods of Boro Park all the way to Coney Island.***
Someone Walks over to give ya a Gill,
You respond, "Yipes!"
by B Boy 0N3R 372 May 27, 2008