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(adj.) someone, esp. male in early- to mid-adulthood, who is lanky, gangly and physically awkward
toppling redhead
you stepped on my toe again
lurpy encounter
by abby November 13, 2003
(adj.)used to describe someone who is very creepy and sleazy
example: Dude stop scaring away all the girls you lurpy motherfucker!
by Crack Zack March 20, 2005
someone being awkward, tall, and skinny.
-dude, that kid is way tall and skinny. he looks awkward.

-he's lurpy.
by lizethe May 23, 2008
Having everything to with being creepy, overly touchy, unwelcome in advances or presence, may include, but is not limited to, those who are heavily intoxicated.
Probably derived from the use of lurky and creepy combined, thus lur-py.

Many variations exist all with the same general implications. One can lurp, be a lurp, a lurpster, a lurp show, be lurpy, be lurptastic, or do something lurpily.
"That guy was all over you on the dance floor"
"Yeah he was really lurping on me"

" Who is that guy staring at everyone from the corner?"
"I dunno he's really lurpy"
by Teanna & the DC girls October 27, 2006
Extremely tall and skinny
The basketball player was really lurpy
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
To make unwelcomed advances, often while heavily intoxicated; becoming overly friendly and forward, bordering being creepy
"I had to leave the party the other night, this guy was getting really lurpy and making me uncomfortable."
by MissMariss June 04, 2005
Defines that feeling you get when you have low blood sugar, or too much blood in your alcohol system.
I feel "lurpy," I need some num nums.
by Jesse Bier July 15, 2003
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