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A tool used in the process of cooking that a precise measure and a very very sharp blade for absolute acurate cuts and slices.
(pronounced Mat-u-jaj)
Will you pass me the matujage?
I need it for this odd shaped chicken.
by Azura October 25, 2006
A type of flower that has the scent of chocolate creme and is found south america and in the hillands in surbaos.
look at that flower it looks like the azuitas flower.
by Azura October 25, 2006
A goddess from the early years that was known to be the creator of peace and nature from the land of Whitby.
Nowadays she is called almighty Buddhism.
Hey, have you studied the chapter on Raavinye?
Yeah, but teacher said her name was Robyn.L
But i like to refer to the ancient name.
Also you'll FAIL in the test next week.
by Azura October 27, 2006
A word expressed as ancient lambibam sland as saying 'oh god' or 'what the hell' or 'are you mad'
Originated by kuraman isles
Makkakayyue! Are you mad alyssa?
by Azura November 10, 2006
It is a slang word for poo, sloppy1 or like saying stomachache and gonna b there awhile.
Ok, i gotta go and blakkang.
See ya soon.
OK, bye.
by Azura November 10, 2006
sucking cock just like a popsicle.
that bitch sure likes to cocksicle!
by azura September 01, 2006

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