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To be white and afraid of all races due to realizing the genetic superiority of all other races.
Jason was diagnosed with "whitephobia" soon after taking a field trip to egypt.
by Azemra August 30, 2012
Cau-ca-sian (kô-k zh n, -k zh n). adj. a.Of or relating to a race of parasitic, vicious humanoid pale skinned mammals known for the mass murdering of other human families, wildlife, plantlife, and poisoning of a planet's food, water, and air supply. b. A class of people with a propensity for distorting history and stealing the identity of other human families. c. The only race solely classified as American on a job application.
James Peterson told Tyrone that caucasians are superior and that he need to recognize his betters or else black people will be picking cotton again.
by Azemra September 01, 2012

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