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Future husband, aka fiancé.
Julie just introduced me to her fusband, Greg.
by Axemantitan November 04, 2009
When someone starts playing music as a way of getting you to go away, like on the Oscars when your time for your acceptance speech is up.
"I tried to talk to my pissed-off girlfriend, but she just started playing music to ignore. Getting the Oscar treatment sucks."
by Axemantitan February 20, 2010
A reference to the false justification for war against Iraq by the George W. Bush administration and to the famous line "the cake is a lie" from the video game, Portal.
Bush claimed that we needed to go to war, but the yellow cake is a lie.
by Axemantitan December 23, 2009
Star Trek slang for someone who has spent their entire life aboard deep-space freighters.

Travis Mayweather was a boomer who was selected to become the helmsman of USS Enterprise NX-01.
by Axemantitan April 03, 2009

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