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The pluralization of the word dildo; more than one dildo.
Guy A : How many dildoes were there?
Guy B : I don't know, but I'm sore and I want to go home.
by Awesumness January 15, 2007
A straight way to say fabulous and extraordinary; closely related to the English word awesome and the Italian awesumo.
Guy A : Yo, son, that was fabulous.
Guy B : Dude, that's gay; it was awesume!
by Awesumness January 26, 2007
A slang term for the word freakin, which, in itself, is a slang word. By itself it means nothing, however, when conjoined with the word awesume, creates a phrase which dictates extreme amounts of cool and awesumness.
Biggie G : Holy crap, dude, did you see that explosion?!?!?!
Lil J : Fa sho, homie, it was FRAKIN AWESUME!
by Awesumness February 11, 2007
A word pertaining to anyone who has a huge head start or lead over another person; particularly meaningful when talking to a person residing in or around Great Britain that has a 5 or more hour handicap over another person from another country.
Guy A : I won the race!
Guy B : Dude, that isn't fair, you had a British head start
by Awesumness January 27, 2007
A large mass of gay, L, and a smaller, yet more concentrated one, C, will always cancel out the straightness of any 2 heterosexuals, J and G, within 50 feet of the affected homo area.
Based on evidence provided by the Gender Uncertainty Principle, those gay dudes over there are more gay than we are straight, as proven in this formula : LC > JG.
by Awesumness February 11, 2007

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