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1) Dried out beef with the addition of spices to be consumed
2) Awesomeness made edible
Man 1: "dude pass me some beef jerkey"
Man 2: "Fucking A!"
by Aviticus January 15, 2009
A Game where two males stand in front of each other and hold one another's penises. The Loser is determined by which one gets an erection first.
If this goes on for more than half an hour, a bonus round is started, which consists of whichever male has foreskin places his foreskin over the other male's penis and continues the game.
Guy 1: "Dude do we settle this argument of who is gayer?"
Guy 2: "WarCocks!"
Guy 1: "Dude you lose"
by Aviticus January 15, 2009
The act of swooping one's hand (open palm/fingers claw-like) towards a woman's vagina. This act is usually done in defiance to four play, and acts as a sexual initiator.
Gentleman 1 - So I heard you had quite a romp with Amy last night? How did you smooth your way into her pants? Did you have to like light candles and smooth your way down her pants.

Gentleman 2 - No Way Man... Clawgina! *makes swooping hand motion*

*Both Gentlemen High 5*
by Aviticus May 11, 2010
When a guy is having anal-intercourse with a woman and he fills her butt with sperm, he then proceeds to dip pizza into her butt-hole and eat it.
Gentleman 1: "Oh My! Monica allowed me to dip my pizza in some sauce last night!"
Gentleman 2: "are you saying that you had a nice dippin sauce romp?"
Gentleman 1: "Why Yes! Oh what joy!"
by Aviticus March 11, 2011

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