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You're an average guy, nice, intelligent, funny, with great wit, you care about other people, whether they are strangers, friends or lovers. You try not to behave like a self-centered idiot and the last thing you would ever do is hurting a woman.

Do you match those criteria? Well if you do, you'll soon learn the definition of this word! Your crush will date a lousy self-centered prick and you'll have the honor to be the support shoulder when she realizes how bad he treats her and complains about how awful her life is, wondering why every guy she dates turns out to be a complete moron.
Getting friendzoned:
Her: "how you're such a sweetie you're nice and caring, you support me in my most difficult moments, but you know you're like a brother to me there's nooo way we can be more than friends but for me that's more important than lovers! <3"
You: ...

Guessing what your role will be as a friendzoned guy:
Her: "wow OMG I've met a really nice guy he got such an amazing car and he's sooo good-looking chiseled muscles and all he's swag plus he seems to reeaaally like me! <3"
You: ... ... ...
#nice #woman #friend #douchebag #disappointment #date
by Averagemonkey2441 June 03, 2013
1: A funny, yet scathing comment used to show disregard to someone's statement, usually by saying (or writing) the opposite of what you're really meaning, without showing you're actually making sarcasm. People assert it's a good defense against stupidity, but since most idiots don't get sarcasm, it can become pretty useless. What's the point in hitting someone hard when they don't even know they are hurt, knowwhatimsayin' ?

2: Although sarcasm often comes from a sharp-witted person, a lot of dumbasses use it too, mainly in order to hide their lack of arguments.
1: Idiot: This music is awesome since it got a million views on Youtube!
You: That's why Justin Bieber and PSY are the most talented artists the world has ever known!
Idiot: Yeah totally!
You: Jesus, dumb people never take sarcasm in...

2: Idiot: You think they're wrong? Yeah, like you've always been the brainiest guy to judge that!
You: That's good sarcasm you got there, but where are your arguments to PROVE me wrong?
Idiot: Well, uh, mmm...
#wit #idiot #irony #cynicism #argument
by Averagemonkey2441 June 03, 2013
1: Cheerful, merry.

2: Homosexual, even if he's sad or depressed.

3: A term ignorant and immature pricks use whenever they find something they don't like to show how "manly" they are, whereas most women they know appear through a web page, their main sexual partner being their right hands.
1: I feel gay today!

2: You know that women don't attract me as I'm gay.

3: OMG that thing that's sooooo gay LMAO laaaaame lol lol lol!
#happy #homosexual #ignorant #idiot #immature
by Averagemonkey2441 June 03, 2013
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