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It's an acronym which stands for:

I am the HBIC up in here, bow down bitches
by AtlantaHoopla April 19, 2004
On the web, a GIRL COLLECTOR is a guy who "friends" nothing but girls on social networking sites like MySpace, Tribe.net, FaceBook, etc...

A hard-core GIRL COLLECTOR doesn't even want to know you or connect with you in any way - the sole purpose for asking you to accept his friend invitation is so he can collect a bunch of female avatars on the main page of his profile and use for masturbation material.

He's probably looking at his main page right now and fantasizing that if he actually *were* cool - you might possibly talk to him in meatspace.
Look at any of the networks mentioned above to find MANY examples of GIRL COLLECTORS.
by AtlantaHoopla January 15, 2007
Someone who figures out the most ridiculous math problem ever.

A mathlete with secret brain powers... you know... to the tenth.
AtlantaHoopla - "Dr. Grieves, I've been trying to figure this thing out for two weeks now and I've run all these spreadsheets with all these algorithms and I really haven't gotten anywhere. What am I doing wrong?"

Dr. Grieves - "AtlantaHoopla, you're a shitwit. Put the comma 'here' and not 'there' and run it all back through."

AtlantaHoopla} - "Good Lord, you're a mathamagician..."
by AtlantaHoopla November 05, 2006

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