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a black mans wang that has a mind of its own, and can open doors and be used as an alarm clock to wake people up.
Nigels Alabama Black Snake came into my room this morning and told me that it was time to get my ass up.
by Atari March 30, 2003
the WWE's bump machine, good looks and disregard for personal safety combine to create a truly entertaining package.
King of the Ring 2001
by Atari April 06, 2004
A piece of twisted british genius from four oddly likeable guys. Not to be confused with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which sucked.

see also:
Jeremy Dyson
Steve Pemberton
Mark Gatiss
Reece Shearsmith
there's a League of Gentlemen film in the works. It WON'T have Sean Connery in it.
by Atari April 06, 2004
A full hog cooked in this backyard fashion:

Build a big fire, throw a box spring on it until it's burnt off everything but the steel springs, put a hog over the springs above the coals, sauce it with a broom, flip it over ever now and then.
Dig a big pit in a dirt alley road
Fill it with madrone and bay
Stinks like hell
And the neighbors complain
Don't give a hoot what they say
Slap that hog
Gotta roll em over twice
Baste him with a sweeping broom
You gotta swat them flies
And chain up the dogs
Cookin up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
Cookin up a Filipino Box Spring Hog
(credit to Tom Waits)
by atari June 04, 2013
a strange animal from nort-america
Look at the Guire next to me!
by ATARI September 21, 2004
the non-acting member of the League of Gentlemen, sticks to writing and producing the material. Amateur magician.
Jeremy Dyson didn't invent the Dyson vacuum cleaner
by Atari April 06, 2004
in forum speak, a Les Dennis is a troll whose activities are mainly confined to private messaging people and being rather infantile.
somebody's being a Les Dennis
by Atari April 05, 2004

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