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Reece Shearsmith is a versatile actor, writer and other stuff like that. He is most famous for being part of the quartet The League of Gentlemen, in which he co-wrote and played a variety of insanely grotesque characters.

He has since moved onto other projects, that including co-writing Psychoville with his friend (although we may question how friendly they actually are) Steve Pemberton.

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton are a popular slash pairing also known as 'Reeve Pembersmith'

Reece is now starring in Betty Blue Eyes, a theatre show in the West End featuring a robot pig - despite not really liking animals.

He is also known for his aesthetic interest in horror décor and appreciation for Michael Nyman (see his Twitter and Tumblr accounts for more details)

Reece is a small man with a Yorkshire accent and has captured the hearts of many a young fangirl.
Reece Shearsmith played Edward, Papa Lazarou and Rev. Bernice (to name a few) in The League of Gentlemen

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton are a cute couple. They have many homoerotic adventures together in Blackpool hotel rooms.
by AreYouLocal July 21, 2011
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