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We're not sure what mermaidish means. So ask a mermaid.
by Asylum760 December 02, 2009
A magical third nipple that appears on a full moon. Usually contracted by getting bitten or scratched by a nipple.
Hillary: "Babe, what's that on the back of your neck?"
Josh: "Oh, that must be my werenipple. There's a full moon out, right?"
by Asylum760 December 01, 2009
People that don't shower for months and have athletes foot. The odor coming from said person lingers in cars and can cause eye irritation, brain explosion, sterility, shortness of breath, prolonged painful erection, bleeding from the ears, menopause, pregnancy, heart attack, stroke, the ability to run long distances to escape from said odor, gender confusion, attraction to transvestites, melting skin, chink eyes, unavoidable urge to murder, and sometimes temporary symptoms of death may occur.
Asylum: "It smells like fuckin broccoli in here."
Corey: "I think I figured out who the broccoli bandit is guys... I haven't washed my feet or my hair in like 3 months..."
by Asylum760 December 02, 2009
Transvestite fanatic. A male who enjoys watching transvestite pornography, regardless of his sexual orientation.
You know your boyfriend's a tranatic when there's tranny porn on his playstation and on his phone.
by Asylum760 December 02, 2009
Stands for Fiesta Pack Krew. Straight outta Desert Hot Springs, CA. 760! Colors are pink and red. FPK will wreck you AND your mom, so I don't suggest fuckin around with them. They are the freshest, most vicious, most maniacal group of motherfuckers you will ever come in contact with. And they should be respected as superior.
Kid 1: "Dude, wtf happened to you?!"
Kid 2: "Some fuckers in pink shirts just kicked my ass, 'cause I don't like DelTaco!"
Kid 1: "FPK did this?! You're lucky to be alive fool!"
by Asylum760 December 01, 2009
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